At The Motel.

February 21, 2017.
I’m not going to name the Motel chain because it’s not their fault that there were some shady characters staying there while Zuma and I spent a week.  I most definitely can say that it was a “life experience”.
On the good side, the motel was very clean and the staff was lovely. Accomodating, polite and friendly, Zuma trained them quickly and always scored a cookie when we went near the office.  Also, we met some super people there and will remain in contact with them. Something good comes of everything.

On the not-so-good side, it’s not the motel’s fault that during my week here:
Someone tried my door handle three nights in a row (he was trying every door on our floor).  Reported to office.
One evening, I went to my car to fetch something and hopped in the driver’s seat.  Suddenly, two guys walked up and, right in front of my car, pulled off a drug deal!  I just sat there, bug-eyed.
Then there was the attempted car jacking in the back parking lot; I met the near-victims outside and they told me they stopped him and he was immediately evicted from the motel.
Three police cars stopped by one night; I was a bit taken aback when I met a herd of Policemen in the stairway.  They resolved the issue swiftly and quietly.  (I would have missed all this action if I didn’t have to take Zuma out for walks).  I found it interesting that she didn’t react to the Officers.
Oh, and I did see a housekeeper throwing up in one of the flowerbeds.  That may have been the ‘flu, poor girl.

Despite having to up my caution levels:  watch all around you all the time, especially at night), take wide corners around building, always latch your door, I felt safe ‘cuz I have my big ole dawg with me.  Like most canines, Zuma watches people and knows how to read them.  She’s my personal “People Barometer”!  I know she would use her size and booming bark if she felt the need to step up her Security position.

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