New York

We had a quick stop overnight in White Plains, NY.
We were exhausted and it was wonderful to be welcomed with open arms at the Marriott there.  Zuma was her usual enthusiastic self, happy to meet new friends, tail wagging out of control, people greeting her by name at every corner, even though they’d only met her once in the elevator or the lobby.

We’d stopped in NJ on the way, to check out travel trailers so we can haul a camper and eliminate one vehicle.  Lots of gorgeous tempting options.  Hula Girl needs to be sold first.  That’s in the works.  If she doesn’t sell, we’ll use her next winter in WNC.

White Plains is a very nice city.  Safe, friendly, pristine.
We only had one night there but what we saw was really nice.
Zuma was definitely cool with the positive energy there.  We felt safe out walking after dark, that’s a big deal for us when we’re in a strange city.  No worries there.  Having a big black dog by my side helps keep the weirdos away.

#whiteplainsny #whiteplainsmarriott

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