On The Fourth Day ….

February, 2017.

As we were driving back from New Mexico, we rationalized that we should sell the RV and look for a small house here, a place we will be able to use for a few months a year.

We made it to Asheville on Day Four; we stayed in Tennessee and only had a two hour drive that morning.   We checked in to the only motel that accepts dogs and still had availability.  Being Superbowl weekend, our options were limited and we could only find a cheap chain motel.  Zuma walked into the small room and backed up as if to say, “You’re kidding, right?”. Hotel.Snob.Dog.

We’re magnetized to Asheville.  Some places have the power to get a hold on you.  We met a woman here a few months ago and had a long chat with her (because of Zuma).  She’s lived here all her life and seen hoards of people come and go.  “Asheville has a way”, she said, “it either takes you in or it spits you back out”.
Asheville has definitely taken us in.  We’ve met so many good people here, people we’ll remain friends with for a lifetime. This is Missi and her son Van.
Zuma and I were really happy to spend a sunny spring day with Zach and Alis on Saturday and then with Jansen and Alis on Friday.  As with all good friends, the five of us picked up
right where we left off.
Displaying IMG_2892.JPG

Once we got settled, we dug in and emptied Hula Girl, rented a storage unit, filled it up with our stuff, cleaned the RV interior and put the For Sale signs on her.  Even though the motel was not up to Zuma’s standards, I decided to stay on for a week and get things sorted out, write and visit with friends, then move back into the camper with minimal supplies (since it is now up for sale). Besides, “The Motel is a chapter in itself”, I babbled to Doug, “it’ll be an adventure”.  Oh, it was an adventure alright.

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