Sweet Home Alabama!

November 25, 2016

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We made it!  Yeh, we both had that song in our head all day!

After our goodbyes to The Newmann family this morning, we headed out for our next destination, Alabama.  The smoke and haze from nearby mountain wildfires was visible as we traveled through Knoxville, TN and there were large signs on the highway warning: Air Quality Alert: Reduce Travel. Once we got through Chattanooga, the skies cleared and the mountains came into view.  We did see a small area of smoke in the distance but people we met advised us that the fires there are being contained.

Feeling much more relaxed, Zuma assigned herself the job of co-navigator.  She takes her newly self-appointed position very seriously, never taking her eyes off the road.  DOG is my Co-Pilot.

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We’re on our way to new Orleans, LA.  We think.  Well, that’s the plan but we are like A.D.D. 2nd graders sometimes, so we very well could be distracted and side-tracked.  We crossed the Central Time Zone and gained an hour.  Doug’s been adjusting to the time zone thing since he returned from Holland last week, now he has to readjust again.  Hula Girl is very cosy and we sleep well, as a rule.
Of course, it all depends on how much of the bed our little friend decides she requires for her beauty sleep.

We made one ‘phone call from the road and immediately located a rustic campground near Fort Payne, AL, where we stayed overnight.  Quiet, private and carved into a mountainside, this was a find, especially considering it’s Thanksgiving weekend.  Fellow travelers have informed us that if there are no campsites available, Wal-Mart and Cracker Barrel are easy going and allow RVers to stay in their parking lots for free; it’s “dry camping” with no hookups, but it’s a place to hang your hat.  Thankfully, we haven’t had to do that but we have a generator so, if we get stuck, so that’s an option.

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Transients, ya’ll, transients.

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