The Joys of Winter Glamping.

March 15, 2017.

It’s been blowin’ a hoolie here for a few days off and on.
What, you inquire, is ‘blowin’ a hoolie’?  Well, I looked it up. Because it’s a real thing.  A hoolie is basically a gale (linguistically of Irish and Scottish descent). You’re welcome.  I’ve only ever heard of hoolies in Canada and nobody south of the border had apparently ever heard it before I mentionitised it but suddenly it’s an international term, ya’ll.  If you read it on the internet, it’s gotta be true.

So, we’re watching the Weather Channel and all the broadcasters have their snowflake sweaters on and are huddled around fake fireplaces cuddling mugs of cocoa and they are totally freaking right OUT.  They’ve got their snowflake sweaters on so this must be really really serious.  Right now, they’re really in overdrive because 12 – 18″ is expected in the northeast today.

And, fellow weather forecast followers, it’s freaking cold here in North Carolina.  Record Low temps.  Yeh, like 10 degrees colder than in Maine and it seemed I ran out of propane in the middle of the night and I wasn’t going to get all pioneer woman and head out there in the dark to trouble shoot.  So, feeling all smug and resourceful (and starting to lose the feeling in my extremites at an alarming rate), I dug out the big back up electric heater and, much to my surprise, it swiftly started poofing out massive billows of smoke.  Lovely.  I had to wrestle it out the door all Mary Tyler-Moore style and chuck it out on the lawn like when she turfs some pork chops in her grocery cart.  I’m thankful my neighbors weren’t home at the time and didn’t see me gettin’ all gangstah-style with the heater.  Then the water froze overnight.  My friend and neighbor is coming over after work to bail me out.  I’d go to a hotel but I can’t find one that will take Zuma.

The systems were adjusted when we had it winterized.  Waiting for a call back from the Mobile Repair Servce.  Needless to say, I’d like to be writing a really upbeat blog this morning, but …. It’s been kinduv a shite week.

Oh, The Joys of Winter Glamping.

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