‘The LOOK’.

March 15, 2017.
Yeh, so, this is “The Look”.
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It means:
The bed is lumpy.
It’s cold out there.
I think I have cellulite.
I need Animal Planet.
My water has not been freshened up in the past hour.
Where’s that chicken jerky stuff you hide from me?

Zuma and I rarely talk.  It’s all in ‘the look’.  When she can’t won’t get on the bed because she thinks she’s claustrophobic she stands staring at the bed then staring at me hoping I’ll move the pair of socks that are blocking her way.  She can give me ‘the look’ for a very very long time.  She never says a word, she just acts like her life is completely ruined.  If the comforter isn’t just right, I get ‘the look’.  I’ve tried to ignore it and give her hand signals to jump on the bed but she won’t make the leap of faith until I relocate said socks (or whatever miniscule obstacle is barring her way).  How can such a giant dog be deterred by a pair of socks?  Dane Brain.

Never ever do I scold Zu.  I talk to her like she’s a human.  Because she is.  Only nicer.  More forgiving, more accepting.

When people hang out with us and hear me talking to Zu like she understands everything I say I have to question if they sometimes kinduv wonder.  Momentarily.  Then they realize that this big ole dawg totally knows what I’m going on about and I just have to give her a hand gesture or ‘the look’ and she responds.  I’ve even asked, “Do you think I’ve been living alone with my dog too much?”.

When she was a puppy she had two bathroom accidents (major) when she first came to us, totally not her fault as she’d never lived in a house.  My reaction was (sigh) “Oh boy, let’s go outside, no worries”. It totally worked.  Never again did she have another accident. She is easily embarrassed.  Danes are very sensitive creatures.  Despite their size, these Gentle Giants are the biggest dog wimps ever.  I cannot imagine what it would be like to live with a challenging, hyperactive dog.  After decades of having German Shepherds, the Great Dane is my fave breed now.  I still get excited by a nice Shepherd, but the docile, easy-going temperment of a Dane is something everyone should experience.

If you can get through the Sorry-but-I-ate-the-couch phase.

#danebrain, #travelingwithagreatdanedog, #ontheroadwithzuma

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