We need another one ….

March 25, 2017.

This is Zuma’s BFF Alis (short for Aurora Borealis):

A couple of days ago, Zuma and Alis had a doggie play date at the dog park.  The girls had a blast with the other dogs when suddenly two beautiful Danes came gallomping along.

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Oh boy, if anyone thinks that dogs aren’t fully aware of their own kind, introduce four Danes.  Scooby Doo Land.  They were so happy to see “their own kind”.  They hit it off immediately and it was comical to watch “Dane Brain” (times four) in action.  They play so differently from any other dogs, it’s all “mind if I put your head in my mouth?” and “let me stomp on you”, body slamming and knocking each over head-on at a slow motion 5 mph.

It was impossible to get all four to cooperate for a group photo.
Alis had to take a break after a while.  That’s my dear friend and Alis’s Person Jansen!

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The owner of the black Dane and the Harlequin is very knowledgable about the breed, she has had several and says she always gets another one when the first one is about four.
Then, the mature dog can help socialize and teach manners to the younger one.  Seeing Zuma come to life with other dogs her size makes me think ….
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…. I think I’m ready for another one ….

#gettingasecondgreatdane, #travelingwithagreatdanedog, #ontheroadwithzuma, #haveIlost mymind?

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