The Polar Punch and The Christmas Crunch.

December 19, 2016.


With Winter officially 2 days away, Christmas is less than a mere week over the frosty horizon.  The Crunch is on!  And so many of us you are experiencing The Big Chill as we wrap up the preparations for The Big Day.  Sorry, but it’s warm here so I won’t go on about wearing a t-shirt when I walk the dog as that would just be so wrong because I feel for ya’ll who are clad in many layers and manning snow shovels.  If it’s any comfort to you, it’s pouring rain today on the ole Spam Can and my shoes resemble a comfortable pair of well-fitted sponges.  It’s basically mud season here and the river is risin’.

Zu is less than impressed with the weather.  She’s more like a snarky cat trapped inside the body of a dog when any form of precipitation is involved. She ain’t goin’ out thar if she ain’t desperate.  Not even with her illuminated nightwear winter coat, Nuh uh.  Not gettin these toes wet.  Not fer nuthin’.

No amount of bribery or pathetic pleading works.  And so we shove back and forth at the door in (literally) the downward dog position until she finally gives in and flomps pissed off reluctantly down the RV stairs because, I plead, hey, let’s goooo, it’s gonna rain heavier than this in an hour! And so it did.

But it is beautiful and I don’t have to shovel it.

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