Poo Happens

December, 2016.


Yup.  Twice a day.  7 a.m. and 7 p.m., you can set your watch by it. The increasingly rapid tail wagging, the downward dog stretching, the ayyyaaaah sounds, incessant staring at the door at 7 minutes before 7 a.m., must I continue?  I’ve got it down to a science. Finally, after 30 seemingly unending seconds, Doug stumbles into his slippers, rises, wags, stretches and make ayyyaaaah sounds, stares at the door and snaps on the leash.

All admirably completed pre-coffee.

Doug’s really good at the morning walks when he’s here.
I do admit, I take advantage of his kindness when his s*** scooping abilities are available.  We’re out for a walk:  “Ya gotta bag, Hon?, Okay (me, backing away), it’s your deal”.

“It’s all about the wrist action”, I coach him on our long evening walks, usually when he’s bent over scooping with a bag laffing ’til he’s nearly drooling.  There ain’t nuthin’ glamorous about this doggie detail.

It’s a s****y job, but hey, someone’s gotta do it.

#poohappens, #greatdanedogs, #pickingupgreatdanedog poo, #waytogoDoug

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