The Ups and Downs of Traveling With a Big Dog.

November 19, 2016

Meeting interesting, dog-loving people.

Having dog owners snatch up their pets or scramble to retreat from our path.  Wait, maybe it’s US they should be afraid of, not the dog?

Zuma meeting little dogs who gain confidence from her kind, matronly ways.

Going for a walk with Zuma and having a little dog/dogs snarl and snap at her (!). This happens almost daily in cities; we’d avoid it if we could but an ambush is an ambush.  Like the time we three all got bowled over, resembling sidewalk dominoes, when a small snarly lurched at Zuma and she bumped into me, I bumped into Doug, he almost hit a parking meter as we ungraciously bounced sideways across the sidewalk. Zuma doesn’t get upset, she just carries on in her regal way that reminds me of the 101 Dalmations cartoon:  non-judgey, non-reactive, smiling ….  “Sorry if I’m big, I don’t mean any harm, ya’ll” (yes, Zuma is becoming a southerner)!  I suppose the little dogs feel intimidated so they fling themselves into defense mode.

If offered an opportunity to meet, everybody gets along.  Most dog owners/dog lovers understand the unspoken rule:  Let them be dogs.  This little sweetheart was timid at first but warmed up quickly when she realized there was no threat.

As did this little cutie.

Zuma is really attracted to small dogs.  She gets along with all sizes but she is always “the big one” in any pack.  That’s gotta be hard on a girl, ya know?!  (Can’t find shoes to fit, all the best clothes on the rack are XS).  All in all, it’s a great lesson for humanity and dogmanity (yeh, I made that word up too).  She wouldn’t harm a fly.

Enjoying watching small children warm up to The Big Dog.
Every day we have to stop in the street or by campsites for a visit so the Zuma buddies can have playtime and a hug.

Having fearful people snatch up their children from our path.
(No photos available, film at eleven, they ran too fast).

Up:  Seeing smiles on children’s faces as they hug and pet her.

And seeing Zuma smile too.

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