Wintry Winds and Wildfires

November 19, 2016.

I’m thankful my big ole dawg is keeping my feet warm.
Even if she does hog the bed.  Warm feet mean a lot to me.

This morning the forecast said the winds were expected to pick up to 30 mph with gusts up to 40 – 45 mph after 10:00 a.m., but the winds are already flourishing, gaining strength and flurrying here. The Motorhome is momentarily rocking, Zuma won’t go outside unless she’s desperate, it’s just not normal in her mind.  It’s far more windy (suddenly) than I expected.  It’s not at full strength, not yet. But I can see the smoke rolling in from the nearby mountains.

Zu even let out a few low, meaningful woofs this morning on our walk.  She freaked herself out.  Totally.  She rarely barks (like, a few times a year).  Maybe it’s because the unruly leaf piles rose up to attack her (in her mind) or because she’s sick and tired of watching multiple recipes for cornbread stuffing on The Food Network. This wind is already hampering the valiant work of the Fire Fighters here and it is clearly going to deliver even more smoke to our area.

I’m so glad we can cuddle up here, spend some quality snuggling on the bed, loafing Dane-style, read, write, chew on marrow bones (Zuma, not me) and chill out until it (literally) blows over.

Everybody here is super anxious that the wildfires will continue to ignite and bloom.  Asheville’s Holiday Parade is supposed to take place in town this morning but there’s been some talk of not holding this annual event because these winds are pretty powerful.

We’re planning to leave this area for Santa Fe after Thanksgiving, a plan long in the works.  As much as we want to stay here, we want to chug on and see what the road ahead holds for us.  But we’ll return to Asheville because it has been so good to us, it’s a great place.

So!  Please Stay Tuned!

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