Who can post a Blog A Day?

November 22, 2016.

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It’s a huge relief that the weekend winds didn’t cripple the Fire Fighter’s efforts to squash the wildfires.  Thousands of acres are still on fire, but some of the fires are gradually being extinguished, 35%, 15%, 45%.  Some wildfires continue to expand.  The air quality is better here this morning, but the winds did cause more fiery problems in some parts of several counties and many communities are being evacuated this morning, whilst other communities are happily being granted access to go home.
Home For The Holidays.

A couple of weeks ago, I met a fellow traveler/blogger who asked me if I blog every day.  No, not usually.  Gary said he challenges himself to a blog a day once or twice a year and he challenged me to write a blog a day for one month, so right now I’m on day 22 and I’ve posted 20 blogs.  ‘Cuz there’s been plenty goin’ on, ya’ll!  Fingers crossed, maybe I’ll be able to pull it off.

So, for today’s blog I won’t bore you with details, but we’re preparing for us to leave.  We got together with some close friends for appetizers and cocktails yesterday evening, now we’re orchestrating a final “get it together” round, then, God Willing and the creek don’t rise, we’re hitting the highway tomorrow, Thanksgiving morning.  We think traffic won’t be as hairy as it’s going to be the day before The Big Day. Everybody else should be bellied up to the table and gobbling dinner, right?
Thinking positively!

We joke around about Hula Girl’s low mileage; she had 3,500 miles on her when we bought her and she has about 4,000 miles to her credit now.  I’ve only traveled in her for 16 miles, from the dealership near Savannah to Tybee Island.  Iiiii know!  Doug tells people “we don’t want to put any miles on her”, LOL!  Heck, she’s still got the same tank of gas from the day we bought her!

So, we’re now joining the ranks of “snowbirds” (people who head south to escape a northern winter).  In RV Land, there are also the “halfbacks”, people who stop in Asheville as a halfway point from north to south.  Or vice versa.  Never heard that term before, but we’ve met a lot of ’em.

We feel “rooted” here in WNC, we’ve made many great friends and we love the area.  But it’s time to move on.  We planned to head to Santa Fe but it’s cold there (!) so we’re going to aim for New Orleans …. then o to Santa Fe after reconoitering around the deep south.  Keep in touch and Happy Holidays!

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