Chilly and Chillin’

November 20, 2016


It’s getting cold here!  Still no real frost yet, but brrrr!  With the wind chill it feels like 19 degrees.  The news says these 30 F temps are those expected here in early January.  Chilly, yes, but it’s still not “Maine cold”!  The winds last night were pretty wild at times, the news says gusts in some places reached 50 – 60 mph.  I think we were in one of those “some places”.  Ah …. quite exciting when you live in a giant Spam Can in the mountains like I do!  No complaints, she’s a sturdy girl and keeps us cozy and safe inside. And smoke free.  Love this license plate sported on the RV of a Fellow Traveler!

Those winds have brought more smoke and haze and a wind warning has been issued for today.  In some evacuated areas people were allowed to return to their homes,  in other areas, many families have been instructed to vacate because of the air quality.

Gotta go and dig out Zuma’s winter coat.  She’s not impressed with this nip in the air after a warm sunny Fall;  I doubt she’ll bellyache about staying inside today.  She’s still in bed (8 a.m.)!.

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