Zuma does New Orleans.

December 5, 2016.

On our fourth day of exploring New Orleans, we decided to heck with it, we’re taking Zuma in the car.  Yes, it was my idea.  Yes, I am a rule-breaker.  Yes, I’m a criminal.  We didn’t bring Zu to leave her home.  She was elated to be invited, hopped right into the back seat and flopped quietly on her huge comforter. She was visibly pleased to be traveling after a few days laying low; she didn’t make a peep, (didn’t leave any forensic evidence).  Zuma definitely enjoyed all the people we met and plodded around the city like she does it every day.

Displaying IMG_2633.JPG

  Zu’s totally a gypsy dog at heart (where’d she get that?!);
she was pretty chuffed to get her gypsy on and check it all out.

She insisted on a touristy pic

(then she got all cool about it like, it’s no big deal
to be hangin’ out on a corner on Bourbon Street):

It’s refreshing going into the city in the mornings, right after rush hour.  There are very few people walking around: the cogs that turn the wheels of the city are turning, the strolling curious (like us), we
travelers-but-not tourists taking it all in, the huffing city work crews (repairing the potholes), the marching delivery people.
A city waking up.
It’s pretty nice to have the center of this amazing place
all to ourselves, if only for a few silent moments at a time.
There’s so much history at every corner.
Dog-friendly tourists stopped for a chat and a pet.
Zuma got her wiggle on.

It was really nice to have our pack together
 for a day in the city.

And the rental car company didn’t have me arrested.

(more pics in other blogs).

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