River’s End, Tybee Island, Georgia

January 31st, 2016

Doug returned from a few days in Maine on the 28th; he drove my car for 2 1/2 days to get here so we’ll be more mobile now.  We decided to check out of The Crabby Pirate a few days early and relocate Hula Girl to the Island RV campground (River’s End) and then we can get set up and decide our next move.

As with any good journey, plans change if you want them to.  When we find somewhere we like, we stay, when we feel our location isn’t the best for Zuma and ourselves, we move on. Our most important requirements are to have places to exercise Zuma and nice accommodations for all of us.

We have been eager to move into Hula Girl so Doug drove her to River’s End and we are settling in.  Our first impressions are excellent.  The RV Resort is clean, immaculately maintained and friendly.  The Staff is outstanding, the sites bright and also shaded by huge trees and whatever we need, the sky is the limit. The staff delivers ice, firewood, UPS packages (!) and cannot do enough to be helpful and courteous.  If you had told me a few months ago we would be doing this I never would have believed you, but it’s just perfect and we’re all getting plenty of warm weather and exercise.  Zuma has settled in quickly here and is very comfortable; we’re finding new routes to take to keep it interesting for her.

In the evenings when we go for a walk, we often see 50 or more White Herons perched in the trees along the river/marsh.  They remind me of a gloriously decorated Christmas tree!

Dogs must be kept on a leash here and there are plenty of dogs; they are all sweet and well-mannered and Zuma is in Dog Heaven. We can walk for hours around the area, exploring the cool beach-y cottages and meeting lots of dog fans.

Zuma has quickly became very popular, bless her heart.  Her even easy-going temperament has made her many friends and wherever we go, people greet her (call out to her) by name and often come to our RV in the morning when we’re out having a coffee at the picnic table, just to visit her. It’s not uncommon for people driving along the quiet island roads to stop us on our walks and get out of their cars to meet her.  People love it that she lays down for the little dogs, pretending to “get small” so as not to intimidate them.  The little dogs are delighted (though not fooled by her size) and their owners praise Zuma even more for her consideration.  She’s going to get a big head with all these compliments.  She is the Jennifer Anniston of dogs here.  After her rough beginning in life, we are so happy for her to receive all this love and affection.

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