Vet Visit and more Bad News

January 18, 2016

The local Veterinarian saw Zuma today and diagnosed the itchiness as allergies.  She couldn’t define the cause but she gave Z a steroid injection and then she stayed for a bath and nail trim.  Being without Zuma for three hours was horrible for me.  I went into little shops and browsed, snacked on oysters for lunch at A.J.’s and walked on the beach. All things I can’t do with Z.  But I missed her terribly as we’ve been inseparable for a very long time.  I was so glad to have her back and she felt the same way.  She is now on fatty acids and is no longer itching.  AAHH (loud) is the international language for dogs, kids, horses and husbands,  It works well.

Seriously, try it.

We had a short walk and watched the Great Egrets flying around the marsh behind the cottage this evening.  Zuma was very excited, thinking they were not unlike the wild turkeys back in Maine. These birds are white and graceful and probably nesting nearby. Thankfully we have a fenced yard.  The App Doug installed on my ‘phone confirms the many species of birds I see from the back yard. There are many songbirds I have yet to identify but that’s a nice project.

Doug received bad news today.  His friend Sandy was riding his motorcycle in Florida on Sunday and was hit by a car and killed. Sandy was a really nice guy, loved by all.  Doug has lost three friends in the past three months, two in the past week.  We are feeling very sad about all this, as are all Sandy’s friends.  His wife is a former horse show Mom whom we know from Emma’s equine competition days.  She must be devastated.  My thoughts and prayers are with her and Sandy’s family and friends.  Sandy was only 58 years young.  He was a vibrant man who gave all of himself to others and will be missed.

I’d been worrying about purchasing the RV as it’s a major purchase and lifestyle change, but now I see that this is the right decision.
Do it while you can.  This vehicle will be a huge improvement for our journey.  I pick up Doug in Savannah on Thursday the 21st. Once we get the RV we’ll still have ten days here on Tybee Island and will be able to go into Savannah (30 minutes from Tybee Island) and other places.

The next phase of our journey is to head to Jekyll Island a(north of avnd practice with the RV for a few days, then on to St. Augustine, Florida.

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