Luv Luv Luvvin’ Lunch in Nawlins.

December, 2016.

You can’t think about New Orleans without thinking about food. The subtle scents of sweet pecan treats and savory seafood dishes waft through the air on every street.  Doug found this fabulous restaurant in The French Quarter, we’ve had lunch there twice. Kinduv dressy, but reasonable, friendly, excellent service. $4.00 Bloody Mary’s, ya’ll!  Need I say more?  This is Muriel’s:

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Jumbo lump crab cake to die for:

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REAL delicately-prepared French crepes with goat cheese and local shrimp, graced with a warming spicy sauce, etouffee, Cajun style.  OMG.  Seriously:

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New Orleans is famous for fantastic food.  A quick walk around some side streets filled with Cajun and Creole aromas was a drooling mouth-watering experience.  Antoine’s is the oldest family-run restaurant in the country (c.1840) and the unabashedly shy creators of Oysters Rockefeller.  My personal favorite when it comes to oysters.
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Since it was mid-morning, Doug and I had the streets to ourselves, (other than late-night revellers heading home and early-risers seeking gumbo and Bloody Mary’s).  Here’s a voyeur shot of cook making a Muffuletta (pronounced M00-foo-let-uh or Muff-uh-LOT-uh).  Basically, it’s one big honkin’ sandwich that would feed approximately four people!  They do it big here in the Bayou!

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Beignets and cafe au lait are standard breakfast fare here so, when in Rome ….

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We are so fortunate, we receive fabulous service everywhere we go!  New Orleans is such a friendly city!

Doug admits he notoriously orders “the wrong thing” and frequently confesses he should allow me to order (because I dissect menus) so I convinced him to sample a 10″ Shrimp Po’ Boy sandwich at Muriel’s:

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Po’ Boys.  Another NOLA tradition (this city is ALL about traditions), but so huge we couldn’t eat it all!

We still have to sample gumbo, jambalaya and crawfish!  I’ve dared Doug to order alligator.  He’s already tried it, he says.  Ugh.  Tastes like chicken, he says.

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