Tornado Nearby!

December 13, 2016.

Phew!  It was a pretty intense hour here just now.  Zu and I were about to head out for a long walk and the skies suddenly
got really dark.  Go back inside.  Turn on tv.  Find Weather Channel.  It just felt ‘wierd’ outside. Which makes sense, because it was all over the news that there was a tornado warning nearby. Like, really close.  The atmosphere was spinning.

Then, the rain blasted out of the sky, the RV shuddered with the thunder claps.  Rain on a tin roof (which I love but this was times a thousand).  Turn up tv.  Scrunch up eyes and attempt to lip-read the weatherman’s words with face glued to screen. Make a plan.  Put together water and food and stuff for us both and bolt to the office/laundromat. Climb into dryer. Whatever. Calm, methodical, controlled panic.

Tornado touched down twice north of here, some property damage but no lives lost, thankfully.  Weather dude says rain will continue.

The worst seems to have passed now.  The rain is severe and steady, the thunder is threatening nearby, but we’re high and dry and very very grateful.  Hold on, Hula Girl.

Sorry, no pics.  I’m not going out there right now!


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